Yes, I Recorded, Engineered, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered This Project

I know many of you are not into hip hop at all, but I figured I would share this with all of you since I was involved in the whole project. Mac Champagne is a friend of mine who asked me to help him produce his first album. He wrote all of the lyrics and performed the vocals (along with some featured artists), and I created the music he envisioned. I’m not a hip hop guy, so I had to do a lot of research to ensure that I was producing this genre correctly. It took (I believe) about a year and a half to complete. I have learned a lot over the years studying metal, dubstep, industrial/electronic, country, hip hop, commercial, and yes, even pop music. The music we created together definitely shows my unique producing style including the song form which I noticed was different from most rap/hip hop songs (I had to! It just sounded right to me. lol). In the end, he and I were both proud to release it! If you are wondering what my custom hip hop sounds like, listen for yourself below. I recommend the song “Maria Maria” which seems to be the most popular of them all. I you like it, please support him. You’ll actually hear Lottery Lee say “Drone Unit” in the song “Flex” in the first verse. Check it out and give him some feedback below in the comments. I will make sure he sees them.



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