I currently sell royalty free audio effects (ambient, hard effects, creative, foley, and music) as well as full songs for use in any project you need it for. My collection includes: various drums, impacts, whooshes, hits, taps, footsteps, automobile, electronics, mechanical, claps, household, nature, digital, robotic, and more. ProductionTracks is […]

Drone Unit On ProductionTracks   Recently updated!

Hey everyone, yea, I did a thing. I have my reasons. lol I decided to cover Psy’s Gangnam Style as an experiment to see if I could turn it into metal. To my surprise, it actually turned out really good (in my opinion)! This pop music sounds good with distorted […]

Psy – Gangnam Style 강남스타일 (Drone Unit Metal Cover)

In 2015 I did a remix for Simon Carter that until now, I totally forgot about. lol This was an industrial form of dubstep that I was perfecting at the time. I still think this remix kicks some ass! What do you think?  

Simon Carter – The Game (Drone Unit Remix)

Here it is, the song I helped to produce for Black Widow Tech. This artist has been a fan of Drone Unit for quite a while and I have apparently helped to inspire a few of his songs. He actually does his vocal effects similar to the way I do, […]

Black Widow Tech – The Virus (feat Drone Unit)

Well, it’s the start of a new year and hopefully a good one! Did you get everything accomplished that you wanted to in 2016? I kind of did…musically. I completed (kind of) my college education for audio engineering, got a job at a recording studio, and met some very cool […]

Happy New Year Everyone!

For the last few years I have been learning and experimenting with many different styles and even genres of music. There were some times of frustration and maybe a time or two where I quit altogether. Although I deleted my music off of the web because I wanted a fresh […]

It Has Been A Long Journey. It’s not over yet…

I was browsing YouTube when I found this random video featuring my song “Life”. There are a lot of crazy dances out there, but I think this is the most unique! My thoughts are: Doesn’t that hurt your head or neck? How did you come up with the idea of […]

Best Video Ever Featuring The Song Life! :)

I just wanted to say happy Halloween drones! I hope everyone has a fun night. It has been tough lately to produce new tracks, but I am still getting things done. Just not as quickly as I want. If you have any ideas of what you think my next song […]

Happy Halloween Everyone! (plus some news)

Hey DU fans and followers! I have a new track soon to be released and it’s going to be big! In the last few years I have been producing electronic/industrial metal, but for now I am returning to my roots as an industrial electronic producer. I hope this is not […]

NEW – Big Release Coming Soon!

This was one of my first remixes in my early days of music production. It’s hard to believe how far along I’ve come with music and audio! Going to school for audio engineering has truly changed how I record and produce. This remix is industrial EBM style which is totally […]

BlutKraft “Der Küchenchef” Industrial EBM Remix by Drone Unit

You guys know I always love watching your fan videos! Check out this new video by “Black Sleeper“. He did an amazing job of creating a slideshow fitting my song “Numb”. Keep em coming!

New Fan Video Featuring The Song “Numb”!

This is a great magazine to subscribe to! It’s a FREE magazine for audio engineers and artists with gear reviews, tutorials, industry news, interviews, and lots more! I have personally subscribed to this magazine and read every issue I get. They offer the magazine both by mail (paper copy) or […]

Tape Op Magazine

Hey guys, I have started the process of mixing and mastering both of my older albums. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I am going to take my time to make sure everything sounds as good as it can. Once released, they will both be FREE downloads […]

Now Mixing Albums: Mechanical Corpse & Inside The Machine

The “Audio Engineering Society” (AES) is a society completely devoted to audio technology. AES is for audio engineers, creative artists, scientists, and students to further the knowledge, research, and advancements in the audio field. They also have their own publications, and events to help keep you up to date on […]

The Audio Engineering Society

Most of us these days design, produce, compose, and record all in our homes. Do you have everything you need? Not everyone needs expensive high end analog or digital mixing consoles. It all depends on what your audio needs are. For those just starting out, these are the five key […]

5 Things You Need For Your Home Recording Studio

Blue Cat Audio has some nice plugins completely for free. I personally use the frequency analyzer for mixing in every project. You should be able to use these plugins in just about any DAW out there whether it is Mac or Windows. Here is a list of what you get: […]

Get Blue Cat’s FREE Plugin Pack!

We can all use more sfx for our projects! It’s even better when you can get them for free (without stealing of course). I use this website all of the time for various projects of my own and highly recommend checking it out. They have thousands of user submitted sounds […]

Expand your Sound Effects library with FreeSound.org

When it comes to audio gear, most of it can be very expensive! Wind is a huge problem when recording audio outside the studio. Windscreens are pretty expensive but are required for outdoor recording. Why not make your own for a fraction of the price? Here is a cool video […]

How To: Cheap Do It Yourself “Dead Cat” Windscreen

I found this helpful little video when I was doing some research. Exporting your tracks or stems one at a time can be very time consuming and (for me at least) allows the possibility for human error per each track if I forget to align something properly. Batch exporting or […]

How To: Batch Export or Export Stems In Pro Tools

Do you have trouble mixing your bass and kicks? They both share some of the same frequencies and can actually cancel out one or the other. There are a few tricks to getting them to play nice and mix together without one or the other dominating. One of these tricks […]

How To: Sidechain Compression In Pro Tools